The Complete Guide to Student Living in Norwich

Norwich is known for its rich, deep history, incredible architecture, and most recently its growing vibrant student life! Student living in Norwich is a unique experience, opening up young people to its blend of naturally beautiful scenery and pioneering modern city amenities. 

If you’re set to be embracing student life soon, here’s to you as you start a new, exciting chapter of your life! And if you’ve chosen Norwich as your new home away from home, you’re in great hands with the team here at Shoemakers Student Accommodation. As well as providing students with comfortable and convenient accommodation, we also provide the typical student with useful insights into the world of student living. 

This article is our latest dose of valuable student information and it’s all about student living in Norwich. More specifically, we’re going to cover such topics as how you can find the perfect student accommodation for you; the basics of student budgeting; and what Norwich has to offer students.

Finding the Perfect Student Accommodation

Deciding where you will be living during your studies is a big decision, especially if you’re travelling far from home to your chosen university. This makes finding the perfect student housing for you paramount. 


So let’s get on the same page. What are the different student accommodation options to choose from?

  • Private Student Accommodation/Halls – This is accommodation that is specifically provided for students but is managed by a private entity. If you were to live at Shoemakers Court, this is an example of private student accommodation. At Shoemakers, students can choose to live in a studio apartment, live with others in an apartment, share a student townhouse, or even live in a student penthouse
  • Halls of Residence – This accommodation is usually managed by the university and is located on-site or close by. Students will have their own room but will share communal spaces, like the kitchen, living area, and possibly bathrooms. 
  • Private Housing/Renting – Normally housing a group of friends or multiple students, this housing is rented from a landlord or lettings agent. While this option provides more choice and privacy for students than halls of residence, it may be more expensive. 
  • Living at Home – If you will be studying in the same city you live in or close by, you could stay living at home and commute/drive to university. 

Your accommodation is at the centre of your whole experience as a student living in Norwich. It’s your base of operations, your ground zero, your sanctuary. With this in consideration, many factors may influence your choice of student housing, such as your budget, the amenities you expect to receive, and what you’re comfortable with. 


Student living in Norwich can only be enjoyed when you find the ideal student accommodation for you. At Shoemakers, living here opens you up to a Norwich lifestyle that provides everything you need – a convenient location, student housing with privacy guaranteed, and peace of mind that you’ve found student accommodation that makes university living a breeze. 

Master the Basics of Student Budgeting

One reality of student living is student budgeting. It is vital that your financial situation is healthy to allow you to enjoy the benefits of university and reap the rewarding feeling of embracing student living in Norwich to its fullest potential. 


Getting Clear on Your Student Budget 


It’s common practice in the UK for student loans to be paid in instalments rather than one lump sum. These instalments will usually be split into each term – so that’s three separate payments you can expect from your student loan. This is why student budgeting is so important as that money needs to be used wisely to allow you to navigate student living with the finances to back you up. 


The main thing to consider when creating your budget is your outgoings and incomings. Getting clear on these will allow you to come up with a weekly budget for each term. Here’s an easy formula to help you out:


Income – Outgoings ÷ Number of weeks in a term = weekly budget 


Income & Incomings


A student’s income/incoming(s) is the money one has coming IN. 


Some examples of incomings are:

  • Student loan 
  • Grants, bursaries, etc 
  • Income from a part-time job (if you have one)
  • Savings you’ve set aside for student living 
  • Any money from family 



Outgoings refer to money coming OUT of your account(s) regularly. Keep in mind that some of these outgoings may be monthly or annually rather than weekly. 


Some examples of outgoings are:

  • University fees (tuition fees, accommodation, etc)
  • Household bills (utility bills, groceries, etc)
  • Travel costs (public transport, costs of running a car, etc)
  • Personal expenses (going out, subscriptions, etc)

Creating and managing a healthy student budget is one of the main ways you will be able to enjoy student living in Norwich, allowing you to find that balance between essential payments and having the cash to enjoy your time spent living in a new, exciting city. 

Setting In to Make Norwich Your Own

Being a student is an enriching and enjoyable experience and so you want to make the most of it, right? And remember that if you’re moving to a new city or even a new country, it’s important to take some time to settle into what will essentially be your new home – for the part or whole duration of your studies at least. If you’re set to be enjoying student living in Norwich – or anywhere for that matter – it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the city and all the new things that are now local to you. 


Let’s start with transport – how are you going to get around? If you’re living in a city like Norwich, you may not need a car and if you don’t have access to one anyway, then that’s fine. Norwich has many regular and reliable public transport systems. Norwich Railway Station will help you get from A to B, as well as the many different bus services and routes that run on a regular timetable, such as First Bus and Konectbus. 


Of course, if you will be living on-site, that helps. Also, if your private housing is close to your university, you can always walk or cycle to University. For example, if you were to live at Shoemakers Court, the UEA is just a 10-minute walk away. 


It’s advised to do some research into your chosen location to get clear on such things as transport, which we’ve already discussed, but also other things, such as:

  • The local weather – In Norwich, it certainly is wet and cold a lot of the time, but our summers are gorgeous, so be sure to pack a raincoat and pick up some sunscreen.  
  • The Nightlife – “Going out” is a big part of student living, so be sure to research local clubs, bars and restaurants. 
  • What To Do – University isn’t all about studying, so you may want to research what there is to do in the local area in your downtime. We’ll discuss what Norwich and Norfolk have to offer in the next section. 
  • Daily Life – If you’re coming to study in the UK from another country, be sure to research what day-to-day life is like, such as when shops normally close, local laws, how easy is it to explore further afield, and other similar things.

Exploring Norwich and Norfolk

Norwich is a growing city that has so much to offer and acts as an ideal launchpad to explore the rest of Norfolk. From historical features that you just have to see, to the hottest spots for a good time, keep reading to ensure the best experience possible for a student living in Norwich. 


Soak Up Norwich’s History


If you’re a keen historian and love to learn about the past as much as the future, then Norwich is the perfect place for you. Discover the history of Norfolk by visiting:

Norwich’s Retail Therapy 


Norwich is a beloved destination for shoppers. Whether you need to fill your wardrobe or buy some quirky gifts to send home, Norwich has plenty of shopping opportunities, such as:

Eating Places in Norwich 


If you need a chill local spot to get some work done, or you want some nice options for when you fancy a meal out, try out these establishments:

Norfolk’s Natural Beauty


Norwich is the capital city of a county that is famed for its natural beauty which includes stunning landscapes and bewildering coastlines. Visit these areas to experience it for yourself:

Student Living in Norwich: Making This City Your Home

Moving to somewhere new for your university studies can be daunting, but don’t let that hold you back. Norwich is home to some of the best universities in the UK, which means more and more students are making Norwich their temporary home away from home. While that may be scary, there are ways of making Norwich your new home an easier process. 


It starts with a good support network, which may be difficult to attain for students travelling from afar. But there’s comfort in remembering that there are many others just like you – you’re not alone. Where you’ll be living and where you’ll be studying isn’t just a roof over your head and the whole reason you’re here, they’re also great opportunities to meet new people.


We’ve seen and heard of it time and time again – housemates and classmates becoming lifelong friends. Some of the strongest connections you’ll make in your life may well be at university, so embrace getting to know others by putting yourself out there. 


Homesickness is another downside to studying away from home and can really put a damper on the experience of student living in Norwich. With that being said, we live in a digital age where staying connected in defiance of distance is easily attainable. Just because you may be far away from home, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with friends and family back home – schedule those FaceTime calls, keep family up to date through social media, and share your highlights with loved ones through instant messaging and long phone calls. 


The best advice we can give is to simply enjoy it. See student living in Norwich for what it is – the next chapter of your life and something to be massively proud of. As we mentioned, Norwich is home to a vibrant cultural scene that is only growing; the only thing missing is you.

Final Thoughts on Student Living in Norwich

So there you have it, our complete guide to student living in Norwich. We hope this article has convinced you that Norwich is an incredible place to spend your years at university. 

If you’re searching for student accommodation in Norwich, Shoemakers Court could be your temporary home away from home during your studies. With apartments, townhouses and penthouses available, as well as our Buddy Up System – which matches students with suitable housemates – you can view what we have to offer on our website. And if you like what you see, book a viewing!